Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Learnings on Public Speaking

Google got its open courses. Public Speaking seemed to be a fresh revision to all the important pointers that I wish to follow.

It's an hour course, easily done reading through transcripts.

Important things to look out before Public Speaking.

First, be okay with the nervousness. Everyone goes through it.  Prepare well to perform well. Consider every speech as a performance.

  1. Find out to whom you are talking?
  2. How familiar is the audience with the subject one is going to present?
  3. How the presentation is going to be? What's the style of the presentation?
  4. When is the presentation and the duration of it?
  5. What are you going to talk about?

More than all this, the purpose. That needs to be outlined first. 

To prepare the content, make two columns.

Before and After

In 'Before' write what the audience would already have. In 'After', write what you wish them to listen to and come out with. Filling the gaps, build the content between these columns.

Be aware of the verbal tics. Practice well and be conscious of all the unnecessary fillers. Try to reduce them.

Non-verbal communication. 
Stand firm, display positive posture and try to look at everyone, following a 'W' pattern and reverse it.

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