Sunday, October 6, 2019

No man is an Island- Prosenjit

Prosenjith Laithangbalm.

Few days into the first company, we got into our seats fiddling with the systems that are no good for our erratic browsing and social media surfing. Behind us sat, Abhay and Prosenjit who always seemed to be on banter but, they worked. They worked a lot. They were the only souls who had a clue of what we gotta do and what we’re working on. I’m talking about mainframes, tables, programs what not!

Swift in clicking and handling the PC. Gamer’s habits. Dota player Prosenjith loves gaming. Hailing from Manipur and post graduated from HCU, Prosenjit got a lot to talk but ice breaker to get into a banter is all about games, music and either reddit stories or jokes.

Poised for everything, he doesn’t get irritated at all. Even if he’s irritated by few nonsense, he deals with it a lot of disengagement and handles it lightly the way it’s seen.

From March to june, we were in training. Prosenjit was with us, and later got shifted to Banking project where he can’t take the phone.

Prosenjit and phone are the synonymous things.  I ran into him every time I visited Synergy Park. Nothing much about the work, but we always talked about all the random things.

Elsa, Prosenjit and I  ended up as trio when my whole gang gave up on the work and took their ways. Elsa and Prosenjit were on their work, I filled in their casual times.

Prosenjit and I joined up for Elsa’s marriage. The perfect travel partner to have. Doesn’t fuss about any change of plan or the arrangements. “Worry is the least form of the imagination. Why do we need to worry.” Says prosenjit.

He didn’t had a frown nor sad face when we are about to miss the flight. We got the flight by the nick of the time. We enjoyed our trail and went on a nature walk, enjoying in our own solitude.

He introduced Philip Pullman stories to me by gifting the Philip Pullman triology. I really enjoyed his stories.

 Thanks Prosenjit for the gift. 

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