Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Book- Landour Days

Reading Ruskin Bond’s stories, I reflect and get a kick to write many reflections and moments from my life. He writes simple things in an elegant way. Marvelous. I think only a few can do it his by investing one’s time and thoughts.

Landour Days is collection of writings from his journal. It seem personal but has general trivial woven with anecdotes. Right from different plants to writers’ bar stories, Bond shared a lot of interesting stories.

Be it about the writers who tried their luck at the mountains, or the frequent visitors to Ruskin’s room, ranging from Warblers, cosmos flowers to spiders, tweeny birds.
Book has chapters that are divided into seasons. Flowers get a special mention in all the seasons he wrote about.

Ruskin’s anecdotes on darkness at mountains leave me a vivid imagination of nights in the hills.  In fact, he ended the book by a poem he wrote after a nocturnal night walk.

The mountain is my mother
My father is the sea
This river is the fountain
Of all that life can be
Swift river from the mountain,
Deep river to the sea
Take all my words and leave them
Where the trade winds set them free
Oh, piper on the lonely hill,
Play no sad songs for me.
The day has gone, the night comes on,
Its darkness helps me see.

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