Saturday, October 19, 2019

Stories from Sirohi- Samaj Nahi Aaya

 Samaj Nahi Aaya.  The freedom to say, "Samaj nahi aaya" in class amongst friends, classmates and in front of a teacher is quite a daring task. There are a lot of assumptions that goes behind before asking this question, there's fear of being ridiculed as well. 

I was in a class and told something about grammar, which usually bounces off students' heads. On being asked, "Did you get it?" Chiku said, "Samajh nahi aaya." Attending her, I asked, "Kya Samajh nahi aaya?" the question that should never be asked a student when they say, they didn't understand.

If we ask, what you didn't understand, you're not helping them to articulate their thoughts, instead, we can give them options. "Did you understand that this happens in this way?" "Are you thinking that how it can be worked with other statements?"

The alternatives are plenty. To articulate such questions, we also need to know where the students usually get stuck and most importantly, we need to be patient and kind to the students. Our body language, tone matters a lot. Children perceive more from our presence than our words. Time to work more on articulating my thoughts in the class. 

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