Sunday, August 28, 2016

Conversations caress my soul. A memory

Title: Strayed Stay

I'm lost.
Am I?
Am I not?

I leave places, straying from the way
I lead a life paving my way

I'm lost leaning into the circle
It's a knot bounded with the circle

Conversations caress my soul
Huddles hearten  my happiness

I'm lost
Am I?
Am I not?

Inspired by situations, I asked myself if i'm lost or not?

Background: No sooner my first novel got published and was launched in my college, I was at the verge of missing placements. I was in a mess. I was so attached to my work that I was still working to push my 1st novel to reach wider audience.

I loved working for it but I wanted  to forget everything for a time and work on what I wanted to do further.

I didn't wanted to do what I wanted to do further because, I was very much in love with 'now' then.

Conversations caressed my soul, my agony. Yes, sometimes all you need to do is to look at yourself from a distance away from you. When you're in too much of fuss to look at yourself from distance, listen to your friends who looks at you and help you.

Sometimes you need to listen to the one who gives you a new sight and leave you to the rest. So, here was the person who gave me a new sight by just asking few questions, by just making me talk.

Bhavana widely known as KBC, my mechanical junior.

I still remember the way she pursued me to make a decision which I made. To prepare for the placements.  I cherish the conversationa and the time travelled with in the course of my engineering life.

I sat for the placements and passing the three rounds I was placed.

When i'm in crowd and seek solitude, I feel i'm lost. When conversations caress my soul and pursue me, I feel i'm not. So in the fuss of feeling lost and not, wrote the piece, 'strayed stay'.

Reading this, I was suggested to stay strayed because that's how I always am.

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