Thursday, August 25, 2016


 What gift is more precious than a book?

I was presented by this novel,'The Men Within' by the author himself for the work I did at TEDxVNRVJIET.

I'm fortunate enough to share my experiences and travel in life for a time with this person who guides me, encourages me and more than everything gives a sight, from which there's always something to learn.

Harimohan Paruvu.

I'd write more about our journey in next post but, for now, I'd share my thoughts on his novel, "The Men Within."

This is a beautiful book which gave me a roller coaster ride. This made me reminisce my cricket memories. This book has precious values printed to follow in our own life.

Turned a few pages and in mid of the story, I experience goose bumps, draining my mind with new perspectives, rationale thoughts.

It was not at all an easy read because I was ceased by the words which inspired me, which moved me. I took my own time to read, took all the lessons I could from it. I tell you! the stuff is not at all preachy. Those are like our normal conversations we have with our friends. But, are gripping while you travel along the characters.

It's a story about a cricket team of Golconda High School who had no fortune to look up for the win in whatever match they played for 20 years. The yielding team gets a new coach, alumni student who makes them believe that they can also dream. Trust me it's a tough job to make others believe in themselves. He hit it straight and the rest was solved slowly. They make history.

The roles are given to their absolute. This story is about the people who are on the field, so coach will be the mentor who doesn't tell what to do, what not to do, but puts ball in their court to act. He teaches them to make decisions backing their strength. In the course of their journey, they eventually enjoy their path and reach the destination, the win.

When I had an opportunity to talk about this book, we shared few sights.

The story is obvious. Yes, you take any sports-based story, the plot will be same but the journey which the characters go through is what matters. And also author being a cricketer, shares few deep insights behind creating the characters in a way he created. You'll live the journey which will take you for a roller coaster ride with all highs and lows.

As a writer I truly respect the amount of hard work put, at inking words on paper, describing the characters.  I bow to the author for the vivid description. He managed to describe 11 characters evocatively and also described other 10 characters clearly who supported to make the story a wholesome.

This book definitely cleared the air around me which hovered around regarding 'fear', 'attachment and detachment.'  No matter what, you've to sweat in the field to win. At the same time, you've to detach yourself from the long dream if you lose. And try harder.

All I would say is to grab the book and enjoy the read reminiscing your cricket memories.
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