Friday, August 19, 2016

Thought provoking letter.

I'd love to share a thought provoking article written by Tejasvi Balvuri.

If International Olympic Committee (IOC) would write an open letter    

Hi India, SORRY for distracting you every 4 years. I hope I did not keep you away from cricket for a very long time. It is that time of the era where world wars (1916, 1940 and 1944 Olympics cancelled-World War 1 & 2) are no longer common, and when there is no war of that magnitude we have to conduct Olympics every 4 years. So SORRY about that and to start of with:

SORRY to introduce you to athletes from parts of the country (India) that you haven't even heard of. I really understand how much pain you have to go through to "google" new names every olympics and to find out that these places exist in India.

SORRY, to introduce you to new sports persons every olympics because the irony is in a few years these athletes are not seen in olympics 2020, rather you see them trying to win a "meal" for themselves and their families on a daily basis in the future. (It is the same story that repeats its self in almost all the events).

And I am really SORRY to show you that your women are better at sports than your male counterparts. I really feel bad for the so called male chauvinistic groups because even after putting the women through daily routine of trials and tribulation, it is the women who perform way better than their male sports persons. It is really heart-rending to see that in a country that rejoices at the birth of "male" child has to act like it is happy and jubilant when it's women bring you the highest laurels at this level.

And finally, SORRY to show you that there 41 different kinds of sports that are played in the Olympics and CRICKET is just not one among them.

P.S. "A government or a system is mostly a reflection of what the people in the country demand". You only ask for cricket and forget about the other sports this is what happens (currently at 61st spot in the medals tally and just for your knowledge India is the 2nd most populous country in the world). However, I would say you are lucky at least in one aspect India, you ask for a male child for prosperity and yet it is the women who have prospered in the Olympics.

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