Thursday, August 18, 2016

Over a cup of coffee. A memory

366 days back, I had an hour long conversation with my  senior about her wish.
Her wish was to create a community TEDxVNRVJIET.
Like they say, "a mind once stretched by new idea would never regain its original dimensions "
It was just a thought she sowed in my mind and today the thought has turned into action and action fruited few reactions and thoughts.
It's still spurring with the conversations and new ideas.
My mechanical super senior Tejaswi texted me if I'm interested in organising an event which would help college, me and everyone who are interested to spread the ideas.
Seemed interesting and said yes! And told we'd work.

No sooner I said yes, she planned a meet next day and asked me to meet at a  cafe near college.
11:00 am
Senior: Heyyy
And the conversation lasted for hours.

That was the first time I was meeting her. Even though she was in college as a 4th yearite when I joined as fresher, I never met her till then. I knew her gang but never had a moment to meet and talk to her in specific.

Me: Do you think, that we can do this?
Senior: Dude! You get the permission from college and the rest is not possible.

She is such a sweet person,
She shattered all the delusions I had. She was the one who pushed me to think "Yes we can."
She pushed hard enough that I believed in the thought, in the idea, in TEDxVNRVJIET.
And the rest is history :)

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