Sunday, August 21, 2016

In conversation with Harimohan.

It was a bright morning while I walked on a road canopied with  the trees by side. Smile sparked on my face looking at the Rain Harvesting pit which I scarcely see. I was on my way to Harimohan sir's home.

I was welcomed by himself, the towered personality, Harimohan sir.

We sat and talked. And talked.  I cherish the conversation as it was ranged from perspectives to cricket, technology and everything under the sun.

I acknowledged the plush greenery at his living place and said him about it. "Sir, I felt that I'm back to Bangalore streets looking at the trees. This place is so peaceful."

"I grew up here. Very good place to live around the nature. It's very peaceful." He mentioned. Glad to find these pockets of residences filled with greenery amidst sprawling concrete urban spaces. 

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