Saturday, August 20, 2016

A warrior knows what to do in the field.

In the book, 'The Men Within' there is a  situation where, after losing a match coach asks the team if they wish for a win when they play.

One of the players says, "It's not important who wins or loses sir. You win some, you lose some.
Our parents, our teachers,our books,everyone says that. It's important that we play, winning is not everything."

Coach retorts the answer with his words.

"When a sportsman or a warrior walks on  to the battlefield, he has one clear purpose- to win.
A sportsman playing without knowing his purpose is as stupid as a warrior who is on the battlefield not knowing whether to fight or not."

I never read  or saw soldier straying off from their purpose in the field. It's very important to be focused in any situation. If not, we mess up the lives.

The aftermath thoughts should not be misinterpreted to have such attitude during playing.

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