Friday, May 17, 2024

Thoughts- The time, trends and the trails

 As I've been over stimulated by the information load through Instagram, I deactivated from the application for good time. This is not the first time, I am out of the application. Back in 2019, I was away from it for nearly 6 months and life was simple and great. As I got out of the application, a lot of conversations seemed to be on what they've seen on the social media screens. Oblivious of the stories, I had to come up with a lot of basic questions to the people. 

Talking about my absence on social media, I mentioned that I'm regular at blogging. 'That's so 2005' remarked a friend. Instagram and TikTok is the trend now! suggested friend. 

I do not have any fear of missing out on those applications and especially, I pondered on how medium matters. With new applications, there's a lot demand for our attention. At this point of time, I realised that I'm very sensitive to information over load through these social mediums which is affecting my thought patterns. I strongly believe that there's going to be a dialogue on technology hygiene in coming years. 200 years ago, health hygiene in hospitals was a new concept and now we take it as a granted one. 

For the sake of my technology hygiene, I've deactivated my social media accounts, started spending more time on my art pursuits and other physical activities. 

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