Saturday, May 4, 2024

Soliloquies- The Termites treat

A shared how much she reads daily as a part of her reading. The number is always a double digit and some times hits three digits as well. I pondered on how academia has the power to nurture and also kill the act of reading for pleasure. One can either derive pleasure from the act of reading irrespective of what they're reading. Also, one can approach reading as a pursuit to gain something out of it. 

Thinking on reading, I approached to my shelves wondering what books I would pick up to read, glance through. I reached out to the books to find that termites had eaten a lot of my books. Noticing Lang Leave's poetry completely eaten by termites, I couldn't feel a thing. As I began to look at the books, The ivory throne, a big bulky book is completely gone. A.R.Rahman's Spirit of Music is eaten out, Charles Bukowski's poems is gone, All the light we cannot see, Emma Davis poetry and alot more is gone. 

M's birthday gift, Musicophilia is gone. As I looked at the books, I prayed that my journals remain safe. I can buy the printed word but not my own written words. I kept removing the books and parents began to ponder on the utility of the books. I prioritsed books over clothes for all these years. I consider my books as basics and hoarded a lot of books. Losing them to termites, I was unable to respond to the situation. In the past, one of my friend was overwhelmed to find most of her books eaten by termites. I stay in the question of what it is to lose and how a mere object turns into a precious memory. I was sad to lose books that were gifted rather than bought on my own. A lot of my friends gifted books thoughtfully with lot of love. Parting ways with them reminded me of Anchal's book- Remnants of a Seperation. 

As I went through each book to find if it's spoiled by termites. 

We got a iron rack to place all the books at one place. The one that I had in Jaipur house. Books are placed at one place. Hope no visitors walk in and borrow the books and never return. 

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