Sunday, May 26, 2024

Geneva Journals- Walk the Talk by WHO

World Health Organisation is organising Walk the Talk- Health for all challenge, a walk event joined by UN family, people from Geneva and all walks of life. I met Arabelle, Franc and found familiar faces at the run. The walk began after Tedro's speech. Tedros was mentioning how his team members make him look good by all their work. Good to see him appreciating his teammates at the big stage. I walked around and found many stalls promoting their work in the health field. I was impressed by 1.8 billion for change- PMNCH, the world’s largest alliance for women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health and well-being. I tried my hand at hoop, shooting basketball. 

As the walk began, the drummers walked along, cheering people with their beats. These percussionists cheered the crowd, walking along. Psycodrummers, they are called. Loved their percussion. 

Pumped up by the beats, we walked across and reached WHO head quarters. There, I tried my hand at boxing and was excited to throw some punches. After a quick run, returned home with a few goodies. Thanks WHO for the run, enjoyed it. 

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