Friday, May 17, 2024

Movie- Manjummel Boys


Spending time at home, very casually, I scrolled through the apps and got onto this movie. Manjummel Boys is a survival thriller based out of a real story. In 2006, a group of boys from arts club visit Kodaikanal from Kochi. On suggestion, they visit Guna Caves- caves which got famous after Kamal Hassan's movie shooting. One of them in the group suggests to enter the prohibited area. As they explore the prohibited areas, one of them fall into a hole by accident. That place also had another name- The Devil's kitchen. Whoever has fallen never survived as it's a steep cave. and how the group saves them is the movie. It was a difficult one to watch as I got reminded of all my friends who gave up their lives to save the other friends. Very moving. 

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