Friday, December 30, 2022

Movies in 2022

In the last week itself, I must have watched 10 movies together at home. Looking through the numbers, I realised that I've watched a lot of forgetful movies by choice. This time, I took up on some movie suggestions and watched them. Vanaprastham,Spies,The Green book,Tashi and Monk,Love Today and few other movies stayed with me. 

Thanks to  Harry, Sneha,Veda,Humaira,Shailija for the suggestions. 

  1. Spies- Russian Web Series
  2. Decoupled
  3. Fishbowl Wives
  4. Ponniyan Selvan -Maniratnam
  5. Roja -Maniratnam
  6. Kantara- Rishab Shetty
  7. Palthu Janwar
  8. Inglorious Basterds
  9. The Green Book
  10. Virata Parvam
  11. Ante Sundaraniki
  12. Vanaprastham
  13. Rasan Piya
  14. Honey Cigar
  15. Rudali 
  16. The Diving Bell and Butterfly
  17. Swallows of Kabul
  18. Arab Blues
  19. Minnal Murali
  20. Red Notice
  21. Superman of Malegaon
  22. A journal for Jordan
  23. Tashi and Monk
  24. Life of Muthu
  25. Manjhi- The Mountain Man
  26. The Terminal
  27. Sita Ramam (Telugu)
  28. Hridayam (Malayalam)
  29. Jaya Jaya Jaya he (Malayalam)
  30. Love Today (Tamil)
  31. Blood Sex & Royalty (Series)
  32. Zodiac
  33. Saakini Daakini (Telugu)
  34. The Billion Dollar Code (Series)
  35. No Limit
  36. Darlings (Hindi)
  37. Ante Sundaraniki (Telugu)
  38. GanguBhai Katiyawadi
  39. '83
  40. She (Series)
  41. Hey Sinamika

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