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Friends- Pratyusha's marriage Story-1

Pratyusha called up on the mobile number we have exchanged sometime after our 10th, to invite for the wedding. So happy to hear that she's getting hitched. We caught up on who all would attend her wedding. 

Planned to attend her wedding, I reflected on our connection. 

2010. Gowtam Model School. 

Aishwarya was the first person I met in a classroom. While she sat in the last bench, Varun, Santosh were sitting in third bench from backwards. I sat behind Varun, Santosh and ahead of Aishwarya. I struck a conversation with Aishwarya on the first day in my last school. 

After attending school for couple of days, sections were divided for 10th Class. Varun, Santosh, Abhishek, Abhilash C.V, Pradeep, Manish, Sandeep and most of us got into one class. 

In the beginning of my 10th, I hardly know Pratyusha. Without saying much, there are many gangs in the class. After spending a month, I could sense who's who. Pratyusha's girl gang comprises of Sushmitha, Aishwarya, Srujana, Sneha, Aishwarya, Akhila, Ramani & Yashwanty. Ajay, Moses, Sadgun, Romello, Rizwan are a few who are allies to this gang. All of them are in other section of the class. Hence, I hardly had interaction with them at the beginning. 

Sushmita Byra, I call her tennis player for she played tennis in her life at some point of time and that's how I could relate to her. Aishwarya Rupula- I think Jaydeep borrowed her MP3 player, and I borrowed it from him for couple of days. Listening to Saathiya songs through MP3 player was my favourite past time. I wonder if Aishwarya ever know that I had her MP3 player for couple of days. With others, in one way or the other, I had a conversation here and there and acknowledged their presence all through out the 10th class. 

After completing 10th class syllabus, a series of tests were conducted. Whoever performed well were put in a different classroom. Cream batch, they called it. Cream batch comprised of the legends, Sruthi, Sandhya, Neelima, Swathi Mansabdar, Bharadwaj, Nagendar Sai, Ravi and other studious students who enjoyed studying. In the same room, we had Susmitha, Swathi who are pretty chilled out as well as bright at studies. Pratyusha also belong to the same tribe. 

After one particular test, Pratyusha, myself and few others were asked to pack our bags and shift into that room. Santosh, Yashwanty and few others were also selected. I couldn't act rebel at that time by not shifting. I was obliged to the instructions and shifted. Others managed to escape from getting into the cream batch. 

Getting tagged to cream batch was a bad thing in the gang, as too much of studies would bring a distance between friends. 

Pratyusha and I got into the cream batch. Spending time in a same class for couple of weeks, we became acquaintances. She used to hang out with her gang soon after the classes, I used to go with my gang and managed to spend time with everyone. 

Rizwan, Pratyusha, Abhilash C V, myself and few others were put in some government school in Bhaglingampally  as 10th board examination centre.  For couple of weeks, we attended that school to write our 10th exams. 

After those exams, I visited Pratyusha once at her home, along with Akhila & other friends. I never expected that she'd take up CA then, as it was very new to me. All my friends whom I know were picking either planning to become engineers or doctors. After 10th class, we parted ways through different colleges. 

Most of my gang got into Narayana college, Narayanaguda. Susmita got into Tarnaka campus, Swathi to Narayana Gokul Chat Campus, Nagendar Sai was planning for IIT and Sruthi and others were also in the same group. 

All of us were connected through Facebook and never failed to comment on each other statuses, posts and photos. 

Regularly connected through social media, I caught up with Pratyusha when I wanted some help from her sister Niharika, who was working at Royal Enfield Company then. In the past, we used to catch up infrequently showing off our Tamil language proficiency to each other. 

Finally, I get a call from her, inviting me for a  wedding. I was excited to catch up with whom I didn't meet after 2010. 

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