Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Daylight Train Journeys

When I planned to go home, I wished to fly immediately and reach home. Work always procrastinated my plans and I was not sure when I would go. I always felt- Go, I must but, I'm not sure when.

At last, after managing all the work, I planned to travel. When I had to chose between flight and Train. I got inclined to travel through train for economical fare and the time I get to spend in train journey. 

I booked a berth in air conditioned coach at Jaipur-Secunderabad Express, to spend the next 32 hours traveling across 3-4 different states. 

I boarded at 10.20 PM with all the luggage I'm carrying home.  I'm grateful for the ruck sack, a thoughtful gift given by Shreya & The Deccan Project Boys. I always carry it in all my long travel trips. I was all set in train setting my luggage aside. I found a pepper-grey bearded gentleman occupying the opposite berth. We had a quick word. Both of us are traveling till the last stop-Secunderabad. 

On the first night, I quickly dozed off to wake up to the calls of tea & breakfast vendors. At 8.30 am, I freshened up to check the lush green trees shimmering under the morning sun. My recent favourite past time in day light train journeys, is to observe the trees and the way they sprawl on the spacious grounds. The untrimmed branches, the long creepers covering the whole trees and the different shapes a tree takes to find it's own form and shape. 

I wonder how old these trees must be. If I get a chance to sit near the train door comfortably to look out the passing trees and clouds, may be, I can spend a whole day. Through out MadhyaPradesh, I get to see lush green forest range and hills covered in trees.

Once in a while, I return to my berth, to catch up with my journal or to sip water and watch the trees through the window. When I'm tempted to watch the trees directly without the lens of train glass,  I reach the door. In that manner, I spent most of my day at the train door. 

My absolute favourite hour of the day is the dusk, where I get to see dim blue sky with no lights at all. The dark blue sky fades into darkness 

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