Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Writing- Saket's new diary

"Practice what you preach or change your speech."

It’s easier to preach than practice. How better the world would be if we begin to practice all that we preach. We often help, support others however, at times, we can help ourselves also by inculcating all the good practices we preach. 

We organized an event on reflective writing. We discussed the importance of reflective writing. We shared our stories, Anne Frank's story, how Anne Frank's writing changed the world.  We inspired each other to begin writing. As a part of the event, Saket also talked about it and shared the idea of reflective writing. 

Observant of the idea, Saket thought of the effects of writing. Reflective writing is not an idea specific to only one set of people. Everyone can practice it. Reflection through writing gives us clarity. 

A little reflection. Saket observed everyone writing and bringing more productivity in their lives. He wanted to try out the idea. He bought a diary and began writing. Began with daily schedules, he also started writing his thoughts in the diary. “Maza aare likhne mei.” He shares as he opens his diary to jot his thoughts on various things.  Next time, when he talks about reflective writing, I am sure, he would communicate the idea with more conviction as he practices by himself. 

Glad to see Saket practicing what he preached. Keep it up Saket. 

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