Monday, September 7, 2020

Stories from Sirohi- Teacher's plight for good education

 Ek baar idhar se baahar jaaye tho. Hojaatha hai. Once, I get out of this place. Everything is going to be alright.

One teacher wants to get out of Sirohi, the place he is posted in.  Sirohi with 0.4691 HDI value, (Human Development Index parameter) is in the dark zone. The district is put in a dark zone because of the lack of development. 

"I am concerned about my children. Pali has a better education than Sirohi." shares the reason for why he wants to move out. The teacher who got promoted and got transferred to the dark zone thinks of their children’s education.

District is unable to cater better education. Better faculty is also the reason why there's no better education. Being a better teacher, doesn't want to sacrifice his children's education pulls all strings to get out.  

 He himself is in the system. While the Govt is trying to better the place by restrictions like you can’t get a transfer out of this place(dark zone), unless you get the replacement on your own. This is the place where hardly people wish to work unless they’re from this place. 

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