Monday, September 28, 2020

Holidays with Harry- Birthday Bash

 Harry celebrated his birthday on Sep 28. He turned one more year olf. However, he is turning young at heart. 

"If there's no word(concept) like age-appropriate work. Then what will happen? Which possibilities will open for us?

During my childhood, learning was never an easy task. "Study till 21. You study to get a job." I was told. I believed it. But, in life, We can't live without learning. We do not learn to live. We live to learn. Harry, a life long learninger, challenged himself to take up a 5KM jog. "It's kinda walk and jog but, I am happy to finish it," he mentioned. 

Harry shared about his day and the celebrations. "Most of my close friends, often do not remember my birthday. This time, I decided to remind, for I wanted to catch up with them on the special day rather than waiting and ending the day with only expectations."

Instead of expecting others to recollect and respond to our birthdays, we can also initiate the conversations. True. I had the same experience where Shreya helped me to reflect on this. 

 A few memories were shared. More on routines and books, we spoke for a long time and called it a day. Good time. 


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