Wednesday, September 30, 2020

In dialogue with Navnit- Seven generations and stories

"Come. Let's drink Chai."  asked Navnit. 

"I don't drink." I replied.  He looked sidewards, "It's okay, come and give me company." He replied. 

I followed him hoping for an interesting conversation.  Discussing some random topic, Navnit laughs at an instance and gets lost in the train of thought at times. 

We walked down to the pantry to make chai. Navnit got everything ready. He got out the sugar box. "One for Saket. One for me. One for Priyanka," he said. Looking at me and the Chai, he picks a half spoon of sugar and he dropped it, " a little more for Priyanka," he said.  Both of us know who loves more sugar. Too evident to say, still Navnit looks at me and seeks validation, "Kyu ji."

He got out the lemon and I tried teaching him the best way to cut the lemons. "No." He stopped me and said, "Hum Swaad ke liye peethe ji. Swaasth ke liye nai." And he cut the lemon in his own way. Cutting the lemon, he commented, "Ye Nimbu Badmaashi hai. This won't be nice. He mentioned by looking at the colour of the lemon. 

"Mei Bola na," He reminded me while he sips his lemon tea. 

"Aise hai ji," he began stories and we ended up talking generations and our ancestors.  I know a little of my ancestry. Navnit knows nearly of seven generations. 

He shared the story of every great grandfather. There was blood, betrayal, hope. A story worth sharing. Will share it in a detail in another blog!

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