Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Travel tales- Mahakundeshwar Trekking

 Never believing the pals I got, I went on with my day. Basketball court. Game. Home.

As I walked into the home, they began their day. Everyone is terrible at decision making. There was an idea but no plan. 

After a lot of sulking, Biju and I got on to the bike, heading towards Sirodi. 

Biju in his usual mode had a lot of stories to share. I, as ever, was the pillion rider nodding for every story he had to say. 

25 kilometers. 35 minutes. We took a break waiting for Azhar and Dyu. 

"We are 20 minutes away,” mentioned Dyu. Thus, we resumed our ride. 

Steering off-highway, we entered the village. Trees. Shrubs. Fields. And the silhouette of mountains.  In the vast blue skies, white clouds sailed upon screening the sunshine at times. 

Dinesh Bhai, Saket, Ali, Biju, and I were on our way into villages of Sirodi, heading to Mahakundeshwar. 

A stream of water divided our pathway to a destination. In the ankle-deep, pristine water stream, boys were catching the crabs, a little girl was washing her clothes. The other boys were crossing the streams. 

A beautiful sight to see but, we had a situation to solve. The road to the falls is locked by a gate. Forest rangers 

The gate was locked and we couldn’t directly get on to the path. We had to take an alternative path. Dinesh rode the bike in all-terrain mode raising the dirt on the ground. Rocky path. Hilly ride. It was rough and we enjoyed it. 

6kilometre ride. We were elated by the sights we got to see. 

It was a stairway to heaven. 

We rode all the way to a point. We rolled up our sleeves, pulled our trousers, and trudged on the rocky path, watching our feet through clear streams over the pebbles and stones. 

We reached the falls that took away our breath. Maha Kundeshwar Falls. 

Clearwater flowing over the huge rocks. We couldn’t stop getting into it. These waterfalls reminded me of all my friends who lost lives in those flash floods. Such is contrast and life. Reminded of the death, I got in the water. I was happy. I was sad. I was enjoying it. I was reflecting. I had a great time. 

Watching Biju dive, I got reminded of the diving I took on the Death Circuit race and I also went on to dive. In the deep waters, I dove and Biju pushed me to get a hold on stones. Worth experiencing.  

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