Thursday, September 17, 2020

Stories from Sirohi- Naku Telugu Vachhu!

Most of the people from the Marwad region migrate to different places in India. It's been happening since Mughal times. 

One of my student's mother was also a migrant to Andhra Pradesh during her childhood.  

"I lived there for 16 years. I studied there. I enjoyed living there," said Manju Ji. 

She began speaking Telugu. And I was speechless struggling to speak Telugu all of sudden listening to her speaking Telugu fluently. 

"I studied till 7th class. It was more of Telugu and English. We didn't learn much of Hindi there. I enjoyed studying but, I returned here when I got engaged. I got engaged at a young age," said Manju Ji while little Harsha stared at us not understanding a word of what we were speaking.  

Manju ji spent her childhood happily in Andhra Pradesh without having much to work. And when she returned here (Mandwa), she had 40-50 cows to rear. 

"All my life, I have never touched cow dung there. And when I came here,  I had to work on everything here. I struggled at the beginning." 

"Even now, I would love to study. I was never given a chance," says Manju Ji, mother of four children lives with children while her husband is working in Dubai. 

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