Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Devil Circuit Experience

JBR  suggested this and it was an immediate yes. Registered for this event in the month of September itself and tried to be in a position at least to jog for 5km.

The Bib collection was a hassle-free task. We were wondering why the collection center was a Maruti Suzuki Showroom while I failed to notice that the main sponsor of the event is Maruti Suzuki. 

JBR, Narra, Jayashree, her sister & myself, we gathered in the early morning for a drive to Moinabad. Early morning drives are energizing no matter if you've slept enough or not. None of us had a sound sleep and were feeling hungry even before we could reach the venue. 

A good number of people turned up to the event and with a little warm-up, we headed to the venue learning a new word, 'Booyah'

The first jog.  

It was a jog of approximately 1km where the fields were bumpy, totally risk-prone grounds. I had my fair chance of ankle sprain in that small bit stretch. 

The First Obstacle

Finishing this obstacle gave me a new high. It instilled in me the hope that I can try things out.

Second Obstacle

Right after, the easy-breezy pole climb, this seemed strenuous. I had to take the support of the crew to overcome this obstacle. There's a high chance of breaking your legs if they're put in between bars to gain the support.

Third Obstacle
Wall jumping. It was a 5ft wall. This is where I met Senthil who encouraged me to give a last try before giving up. He gave a little push to clear the climbing. Thanks, Senthil.

Fourth Obstacle

There's a good length of track to run for this obstacle. This seemed full of poles. We had to shift from pole to pole clearing this obstacle. It was quite slippery to get hold of it. Finished in a few attempts.

Five Obstacle.

This seemed doable but couldn't crack it. Adnan shared the trick to clear this obstacle but still couldn't do as said.  Gave up this obstacle after a few series of attempts.

Sixth Obstacle

We had run through a plank while tires are swinging. Easy peasy stuff.

Seventh- Fifteenth Obstacle

Most of these obstacles were full of upper body workouts. Few were there only to make us dirty and again clean us with another obstacle. Had great fun. Met Arshad Qadri in the circuit. Glad to run into him there.

These are pull-ups stuff. Next time Renny. After you build up some muscle.

Same story. Need to pull up my socks before I do these pull-ups.

I enjoyed the last part which included ice cub bath. It's spine chilling cold and I loved it. 

Hope to try this next time for sure. 

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