Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Sunday Haul

Woke up early on a Sunday morning to go for a little bit of shopping at Abids Market. Vinod Ekbote's blog is the reason behind this decision. I decided to buy at least a book a month from Abids Sunday Market.
I walked into the lane of Abids and searched for best sellers, classics. Eyeing upon the familiar names, I found “The best of Kahlil Gibran Volume-2” Further I couldn’t get hold of any familiar book. I’m worried about my limited knowledge of authors and books. I purchased this book for 20rs.

Moving further, while I’m crisscrossing the roads checking out various books, a lad called up my name and put a confused expression.

“Are you Abhinay??”

Yes I’m.”

“I’m your junior in school. Gowtam Model School."

I never knew that I have juniors who know me in school. Good to know that people in school other than my class know me.

He was in 9th class when I was in 10th. That's the only class I studied there. It's good to meet people at random places in a random way.
We shared what books we bought and went on our own ways.

After the meet, I found another book, High Waving Heather, A selection of poems by Charlotte, Branwell Emily, and Anne. I glance at a few poems and seemed classic stuff. I picked it up. Also, I found this book with words, "Prakash Book Depot, Bareily" on it's front cover. This reminded me of the movie, Bareily ki Barfi.

Before I left Abids, this book grabbed my attention. “Beyond the call of Duty”  written by V. Raghunathan and Veena Prasad. It’s book of stories of dozen British men who worked beyond their call of duty in India. The purpose seemed debatable. And I picked up this book. I got it for 80rs. Bit costly though.
Beyond the Call of Duty


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