Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Designing Process

I'm glad to witness the whole creative designing process of this collection.  Sahil had an assignment to design a wear collection. Suddenly he sprung into action and started sketching, I was wondering if designing a wear was so intuitive that you sketch on a paper and produce it in real. I missed the whole long meticulous process that really brings out the collection. 

For this collection, Sahil got inspired from Ayurveda and chose it as the theme. He picked the natural colors and named his collection, "Abhyanga" which means, the anointment of the body by herbs and oils to rejuvenate the body and the mind.

His attempt to inculcate the nature as much as possible is why he chose Ayurveda. 

His thoughts on choosing Ayurveda  

"To follow our bliss and dive deeply into the mysteries of fragrance, color and taste blend with the magnificent diversity of mother nature, and follow the inner signs to become aware of who we really are."

In the same way, he defined his collection, "ABHYANGA" as 

"The festive collection ABHYANGA is the amalgamation of beauty extracted from the nature in the form Ayurveda and reflecting the women who want to celebrate her freedom and feminity."

The whole designing process is intriguing. He has these inspirations drawn from various elements of nature. He chose few colors and described in a peculiar way. On being asked about the intention of describing those colors, he said, "Every color has positive psychology, negative psychology. It depends on what do you intend to express through these colors. Depending on your intentions, the depiction changes.  

Colour description

Looking at a few
 of the girls in his poster, I expressed, "I love this picture. She's mysterious, beautiful."

Looking at a different picture of the same 
girl, I was disappointed to see her less interesting. 

"Nobody is ugly, nobody is beautiful. It all depends in the eyes," he says and carries on with his other designing work.

Looking at the other aspects of the design, there's a whole meticulous process that he undertakes to come up with a design. Right from scratch, he had to explore, decide and improvise it.  Right from motifs, everything is properly taken care of. 

Minutest details taken care of
A vast amount of research is done even for the minutest details in this collection. I'm astounded seeing the way he got it for the final submission. Everything is aesthetic and seemed perfect. 

Looking at this design process, I wondered if the person who wears this collection really enhances the work he does.

"At the end, it's designed to wear. The person who wears also matters but, It's not for everyone. One who wants to be trendy may not like it.

One who loves wearing the traditional outfit. One who loves a bit of our culture may like it. Those are the clients I'll be targeting." 

His final submission stuff seemed perfect. Everything was well documented and well presented. 

Final Submission

More power to you Sahil. Cheers to all the work you have done. Grateful to witness this whole creative designing process.  

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