Monday, October 8, 2018

Poetry Sittings

Ajay walked in asking what I’m up to.
Looking at me typing on my blog, he wanted to share some of his writings. He wrote a few poems and they’re beautiful. I recited his poems, enjoying his stories, his play of words. We both shared thoughts on these poems.
These small meet ups, huddles are what poets really need. I don’t know if virtual appreciation and sharing would do the same as it just did. I really loved to share the feedback in person, asking what made him write in such a way. The way the poet reacts to few of his lines, on being asked. That excitement, that flash of memories. It’s beautiful to sit with someone and discuss poetry.
Both of us read each other’s works. I got reminded of other poems that I really wanted to share with him. Of all, I loved his poem, “The Fall.”

Thanks Ajay, for dropping by. I loved the time sharing a lot on poetry.

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