Monday, November 13, 2017

The post master by Rabindranath tagore

This is one of the story from book, "Collected Stories" by Rabindranath Tagore.

It's a story of a postmaster who stays away from his home town, the place he loves a lot. He is assigned to that new particular post office and he doesn't have other way. Accompanied by a maid, a small girl named, "Ratan,"  he stayed in a small house spending time leisurely all the way in village.  Ratan cooked for him and was working as a maid in home. Postmaster didn't like the new place and was always dreaming about his hometown. As time strikes day and night, postmaster taught, Ratan, 'how to read'

Amid blue days they let the time pass while they did their daily chores. One fine day, with lot of deteremination, post master leaves a place leaving Ratan.  Ratan couldn't accept her master's decision and cries to take her with him. Both hope for good and author narrates about the vain hope one does have in life. 

Hope is in vain, if there's only hope but, not action. 

Writing is  more poetic and I'm always delighted to read his works as there's vivid description of nature along story. 

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