Friday, November 10, 2017

Memories make a reminder- His absence

Memories make a reminder- His absence.

Every picture. Every moment. As I start sharing my college memories, basketball memories, I end up with an awkward pause being reminded of his absence.

He was always there. Be it in a practice. Be it in a tournament. Be it in a casual conversation. Madhu was always there with a cheering smile and a brave attitude in life, with us.

His forever absence brings me a regret and a wish.

I wish he’d be with us in person, being part of our happiness, sadness, confusion in which, he was always there. I met him last on May 3rd over a lunch. We went out for a stroll and both of us were concerned about each other's happiness in life. Conversation were always honest and heartfelt.
Me, Vikas and Uday

This picture was taken in my 2nd year, 2014. Jaya didn’t join then. Three of us took as mechanical, mechanical fellas. I remember him standing aside and cheering us then.

Every memory I recollect reminds me of his absence. Miss your words and presence madhu.

God bless you!
L to R Madhu, Myself, Vikas, Uday, Jaya

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