Friday, November 10, 2017

Basketball Diaries

Even after the college, of all the teammates, , it’s with Meher I spend the most of the time. Everyone moved to US for studies.

Spent an evening talking about what’s happening in life.

Talking about fitness and basketball, the conversation trailed to Raghu bhai. Time and conversations with him are invaluable. One of the best leaders I’ve ever seen. He’s super cool and intense in life. I love those traits. With train of thoughts, we ended up talking about Meher’s first shot in zonals at St. Peters college.

Reminiscing the 4 years of life, we recollected the practice sessions, about all the seniors and how they keep surprising us with their works.

We couldn’t stop laughing, thinking about the things that happened on court. Be it a serious situation in a game or a bloopers by one of our team.

Talks about the court and team always brings a smile on our face.

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