Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Attitude of Gratitude.

The time I introspected myself about being grateful is when my friends claimed that they feel grateful every day for whatever they got. I was honest. I sometimes ignored what all I'm privileged of. That's when I became conscious of being grateful. 

After that incident, there were many situations, chances that hinted me to be grateful in life. Be it a conversation or ride or little things that were given to me by others. I had the sense of gratitude to be at the receiving end.

After a series of incidents, when my friend was complaining all the time, I felt more grateful for what all I have. I kept sharing with my friend about how I'm grateful for what all I have.

Just being conscious let me see what all I was receiving in life. Be it in hitchhiking or conversations or little help, everywhere I was at the receiving end. And I felt grateful. 

After sharing a few experiences with Harimohan, I became little more conscious whenever possible to feel grateful and say thanks. 

After a few weeks, I was given a gift by Harimohan. The gratitude circle. He introduced me to this gratitude circle, where we follow the practice of writing a gratitude journal and a few more exercises to be more grateful. 

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