Friday, November 24, 2017

That one hour!

Waking up early is helping me to write morning pages. It's also helping me to reflect and write my gratitude journal. 

From past few days, I've decided to stay away from the phone for the 1st hour after I wake up. And also to stay away from the phone for one hour before I retire to sleep. This habit is helping me to regain my peace. 

All my random thoughts float at this time. I'm letting them swirl in my mind without disturbing the flow of my thoughts. One hour after I wake up, I'm sorted with my work and daily activities. And I get on to my phone then, to see what's waiting for me. 

With a good start, I don't gouge on phone unless and until I'm asked to perform some tasks. 

With little input of trivial stuff into my attention, my concentration is turning towards my work and words. 

That one hour at morning and night is helping me. The phone free hours are setting my whole day tempo and I'm loving it. Peace out.

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