Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The man with seven second memory- Documentary

A must watch.

It's shocking and surprising to know that such a disease exists. You meet him and talk for more than 7 seconds, he'll forget what you spoke 7 seconds before. He can't read a book, he can't watch a movie and he needs to remind himself every time he's awake.

Perpetrated. Perplexed.?

His life is more than that.

Clive Wearing, a musician  who suffered from dense amnesia.

It's intriguing and at the same time cringy to know how he manages to live, unconsciously.

I can't describe enough about his wife's pain. She stayed with him for years serving him.

I loved these lines and reminded me of being grateful for what I have.

Interviewer: What does normality feels like?

Clive: It's a great luxury. It's something which should be valued and it's precious.

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