Friday, August 25, 2017


Long rides on bike are rarity to me. I find myself being a pillion rider alot of times but not the rider.

As I rode a long distance today, distance never seemed long with the company of good friend. Thinking about it, I was flashed with lots of memories.

I miss the time of travelling to the corners of the city on bikes during tournament seasons. I miss riding to homes after practice.

Long legged Vikas used to sit behind me while I rest my elbows on his knees. Distance never mattered as we were delved in lots of conversations.  I politely reject to ride when I get a chance to ride in city. With my people, I get no choice.

I miss those conversations. I miss those rides. Recalling the conversations,  I’m up for rides at least to have a good time and heartful conversation.

Be it Madhu or Vikas, I remember riding with them a lot, leaving Uday as he stayed at other corner of the city.

We were never in a hurry, when i’m  riding. We used to talk. We used to discuss. We used to have good time.

Harsh and straight comments were given about plays. There was a sound of concern and care in our conversations.  

Of all, on this rainy day, with a tinge of heartful conversation with a good friend of mine made me recall all these beautiful memories.

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