Saturday, August 12, 2017

Holidays with Harimohan paruvu

Days would be scheduled with too manys events. Weekends would be occupied by many things but, a talk with him or time spent with him leaves me with a positive feeling on everything.

Amid paced out life, talks with him let me take things step by step and work on them.

We discuss from mere politics to personal stuff. I love the way the perspectives are drawn towards anything.

We discussed on ‘Project Aristotle,’ a google initiative which described about teamwork.  As discussion prolonged on interesting topic, “Psychological safety,” examples were drawn from Dhoni’s leadership  and a lot of cricketer experiences.

As ever, conversation continued on books we’re reading and movies we’re watching.
Besides a wish to meet him,  I also wished to play with Anjali for sometime.  It’s good to spend time with kids forgetting everything for a time.

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