Saturday, August 12, 2017

TEDxHyderabad Meetup

Less in number but many ideas were brainstormed. Speaker release is on the swing.

As the D day is near,everyone are up with lot of enthusiasm to work.
Clockwise L to R Ramesh, Harini, Pankaj, me, Rahul, Kavya, Kashif, Ekta, Ranjit, Rahul, Anthony

Anthony bro brings the laughs with his puns and his well timed jokes. Ranjthi bhai reminsces old songs.

Huddle with hearty laugh and heartfelt songs was a good sign to call it a day. And also it gave me a good push to write for a whole day.

All geared up for September 24.

If interested to join for the celebration of idea, people can apply at

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