Saturday, August 12, 2017

Blogging- My lonely journey with fellow travelers.

I remember  following A.R.Rahman’s singers closely to know more about A.R, through their interviews and articles.

On such avid following of his musicians and singers, I followed Chinmayi Sripada during my schooling.  I was surprised to know her Blue Elephant work. I was even surprised to know her blogging activity.  In all rush, I started  reading her blog and loved whatever she wrote. With same rush, I created blog on my name and started writing whatever I felt.

As months passed, I was caught up in the whirl of social media and didn’t bother to write.

Thanks to my professor Chakravarthula Kiran. He mentioned about author Harimohan Paruvu when I enquired about chief  guests for my book launch. To know more about him, I started reading about him and also his blog.

Post book launch of In between the bridge, I was googling about the book. And I found an article in his blog. Shocked and surprised. I never expected it. Being overwhelmed about it, I thanked for the blog.

We didn’t talk much then but, I avidly followed his blog. His writing was simple and articles were simple but with damn interesting perspectives. I always listened to him through his blogs. I found blogging to be interesting and started writing articles now and then.

On questioning him about blogging, he assured me with a suggestion saying, “I write for a record but not expecting  any great viewership or miracles to happen through it.”

I was worrying on viewership even before I made an attempt to blog. Wrong way of thinking!.

I changed the way I looked at the blog and started blogging.

After I moved to Bangalore, I decided to write about my experiences but, not on blog, I met my friend Carolyn through her blog.  Blogging was the ice breaker to both of us. Reading her blog  pushed me to keep blogging.  She writes about her travelling and food experiences. Nevertheless I decided to write what I want to write and jotted random thoughts.

On a visit to Hyderabad, I met Harimohan at his home and discussed about my TEDx Journey. He blogged about it also. I was grateful for that and it inspired me to know more about his blogging experience.

On one conversation, he described how his blog made him  feel very conscious regarding the books and movies he chose.

Reading his blogs on movies and books, I found few amazing books to read and movies to watch.  It helped to pick some amazing books and movies. His blogs were not exactly reviews. He writes what he feels. He doesn’t bother explaining everything. He writes only about what interests him and what he learnt from it.

I started writing about books I read and movies I watched( Still need to update on the movies I watched)

On a further conversation, I realized how lucky I’m, to  get such  insights and to listen such overwhelming experiences. I decided to write about conversations also.

On another conversation, questioning on Anjali’s interview, he mentioned how interesting it is to interview and learn about people. He interviewed me and wrote a blog.

It was an amazing experience. I interviewed him in return and loved the experience. I started interviewing people and blog about them.

At times, I didn’t find any motivation to blog but, I recalled how Vinod Ekbote, friend of Harimohan told him about blogging. “It’s a lonely journey. Keep writing. Let’s travel alone.”

I realised how I tried to see things in a way I want to see but not in the way they’re. Blogging is a lonely journey and hell yeah, I decided, I’ll blog no matter what.

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