Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Evening at Mc Cafe

Evening at Mc cafe

Mc Cafe is a coffee-house-style food and beverage chain owned by Mc Donalds. As it was introduced in India at various outlets, we got passes to visit and make our own coffee or smoothies. Interesting promotion. Never expected such a free visit into kitchens of the cafe.

Though I wasn’t sure how it worked, we were welcomed with a hearty smile by person from Mc Donalds when we showed the passes. Promotional passes always include invisible terms and condition applied. But, to our surprise, nothing was critical about this visit.

Reshma, person from Mc Donalds showed the back door entry. We were excited to enter the kitchen section. She reached outside to assist us all the way. We were given head masks. Excited Elsa, Azith and I went in for the detour of McCafe.

We were shown veg and non-veg section, patty making machines, Mc egg machines. Everything was so machinsed. At the click of the the button we can make everything.

Patty machine
After the detour, we reached the corner of the store and also a place visible to the customers. Being there with head mask seemed weird but a new experience.
Falunting witht the headmasks.
Azith, Elsa and myself

We were given a choice to prepare coffee and frappes. I was suggesting mocha since the design seemed quaint.

Reshma assisted us and helped Elsa making a mocha. Thanks to her Rangoli skills, she finished the design with a swag.

Azith was up for anything. He was comfortable being spectator rather than doer. Ask for his choice, “anything” is the answer. Before we were settling on whom the mocha belongs to, we decided to prepare frappes. Elsa, not being a big Oreo fan, she wished to prepare Choco frappe . At the end, she had to oblige for the Oreo flakes.

With ever cool, smiling Reshma

So happy to see her excited. And Azith was equanimous being there.

All the time, he was enjoying the whole experience. I was excited trying my hands at frappes and coffees as it’s my first time experience in the kitchen.

Reshma, person at McCafe was cordial to us.She assisted us well to prepare yummy frappes. Besides managing us, she was also guiding her co-workers to finish the orders as quickly as possible. Never for a minute, she lost her cool when few machines weren’t working. She fixed it up in a trice and let us a had great experience.

Kudos to Reshma and her team.

With 3 drinks, we were out with a smile. Azith had his first coffee ever because of us. He didn’t utter a word asking for any other drink. Elsa was happy. Three of us had great time. Thanks to McCafe.

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