Thursday, September 29, 2016

Writing prompt. Chinmayi Sripada

Though the boots clasped on the mud screeching, they only reminisce the soft touch of little feet on the land. Though the jacket insulated from the cold, the gentle breeze craved to caress her.

In the same woods, she walked aimlessly talking to trees, trailing along the paths. Nothing has changed while she just came in another form. Covering her from the nature, distancing her from the nature.

Trees craved for her touch. Trees longed for her lullabies. She hums while she walks. Every step  thudded on the mud meared the trees of her arrival. Boots couldn't stop the trees to know their little friend steps.

Trees towered her when she was 6. Still towered when she arrived aging 26.

Clutter was cleared by the entry into the woods. Serenity was spreaded over the sky. She looked up at the towered trees and closed her eyes to not llet the other moment sweep her away from the bliss.

With happiness in heart, she hummed, "Saara saara kaathu..."

Listening to her singing, trees hushed the air to not rustle their leaves, creating noise. Silence creeped into the woods like happiness into her heart. And there she started sharing her song with the woods which brought her accolades, awards and what not!

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