Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Happy birthday Chinmayi.

I know that I'm one in million who love Chinmayi for what she is. The above poem is an acrostic wishing her a good life. It was  written  reminiscing the beautiful conversation I had with her.

It was unlike meeting any celebrity. It was unlike one in the crowd, or it was unlike a special entry influence. I'd call it as serendipitous meeting.

When my friend Swathi told me about Chinmayi's performance with Anil Srinivasan at CCRT, I was so much excited.  I was excited for a reason that I could see my favorite singer. I never dreamt about meeting her and having a beautiful conversation.

I rushed to CCRT soon after my basketball practice. I could see the crowd scattered. I noticed Chinmayi's mother being busy who was sitting ahead of me.  I took a chance and went near her to talk. With all the broken tamil I learnt watching  movies, listening to songs, I introduced myself and told her how much I adulate Chinmayi and also gave her copy of my first novel, "In between the bridge." I'm glad she took it and wished me for my work. When I enquired about Chinmayi, I was  told she is at back stage.

"Wow, I'd love to meet her once."

"Go. Meet her. She's there only," she said casually.

I couldn't believe it. While I was thinking about what I heard, she removed a power bank of iphone and handed it to me. Go now and give her!

Who on the earth would imagine meeting your favorite by giving her power bank. I got an excuse and somehow crossed all the security guards. They were kind to hear me.

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