Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A ride with a stranger

Bangalore traffic is insane at nights. To say, I don't know when traffic will be bearable as I am new to Bangalore.

It was 1900 hours and I was waiting for my cab which I booked in share. After tiring calls to the driver,  after standing among the darting crowd and polluted space at church street, I finally got into the car sighing!

4km to reach the destination and we were struck in dead traffic. When my co-passenger and myself started complaining, we also started talking about how  the situation is at our cities. And then started the conversation. 

After knowing that she was from management, I wanted to ask few questions I had about Marketing.

"What do you do really? Sales?"

"There's misconception that marketing is sales,"she said with a grit.

After patiently listening to all my queris with all poise, she told me about the marketing.

"The well known stream is sales. Marketing Strategies, (Advertising, Promotion, Distribution and then Sales)"

Listened to many insights of a marketing person. I enjoyed the conversation. Bangalore traffic would be hectic, frustrating without that stranger.

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