Monday, September 5, 2016

TED Tales. A meet up.

While I was enjoying the walk on the roads of Jayanagar, and waiting for my friend, Sharanya, TEDxer. There she came, wishing me with a smile. After we shared smiles for meeting after very long time, I was given sweets on auspicious occasion. So sweet of her.

Talking about our lives, we went for a walk around looking for good place to sit and talk. We finally found a place and continued our conversation. Her TEDx event, 'TEDxMSRIT,' is on September 17th. Two weeks to go. And she felt all excited, energetic, also hectic. Understandable.

I could see the team effort to engage with the community. One of the commendable things is spreading the ideas which are worth spreading taken from their community members.  When I was asked about my idea which I wanted to spread, I told this idea. An idea which changed  the thought process and further inspired to take action and help in many ways.

"Lay down on street for 30 seconds."

I never shared this idea on digital media but, shared among my friends, acquaintances.

Ever  felt these feelings, heart starting to raise, knees becoming weak, switching in the stomach, hands starting to sweat, feeling anxiety.  Fear of what people will think when you actually  wanted to do something, then try this. Go on to the street, lay down on the street for 30 seconds. I repeat street.  Not road, vehicles may run over you.

It is called as comfort zone challenge, which was researched well. It's kinda exposure therapy.

When you give a thought to try this, you feel inhibited, you give many excuses to postpone it and not to try this. But, once you step out of your comfort zone and do it. It'll help you to gain confidence.

I don't say, only this helps but, I say it helps.

Myself on the street laying for more than 30 seconds (Will share my whole experience in next post)

Here's the talk from where I learnt about it.

So back to our conversation, we shared many ideas which were worth spreading. We reminisced the Mysore days at Infosys. We felt very happy to meet who were enthusiasts about the ideas.

                                         L to R Sai, me, Sahana and Sharanya towering us.

Many of the TEDxers flashed in our conversation, once was Anthony Vipin, TEDxHyderabad Organizer, for his skills at playing Mafia and also for his altruistic quality. Great inspirer and we felt so glad to spend some good time with him.  No conversation ends without mentioning about awesome mafia TEDxers. Recalled those thrilling games which lasted till late nights.

Mafia Nights. Many are missing in the pic as they were out of the room for being killed. The last good bye picture.

Not only we dwelt in the memories, we also talked about the work  which had to be done at the event. I suggested her ideas which I initiated at my  community, 'Letters to the strangers.' And also the idea which Anthony suggested me, 'Pop a balloon,' Fortune cookie kinda stuff.

It was great meeting her after a very long time. Cup of coffee lasted for 10 minutes and the conversation lasted for, 2hours.

A day well spent.

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