Thursday, June 20, 2024

Holidays with Harry- Learning Mindset

"I've started working on shadow consciousness and I'm learning a lot," I mentioned it to Harry. Nodding to my random tales, he stayed silent listening to me keenly.

Over a few months, I stopped accepting perspectives and began to behave like know-it-all. Over a conversation, one of my friends, by her curiosity showed growth mindset behaviour. Heartened by such curiosity, I began to introspect on my behaviour and be aware of those traits.

"I recently relearnt the importance of statement,'I don't know' and the concept of learning mindset," I shared these thoughts while I was sharing a few anecdotes with Harry.

Harry shared,"as a writer, it's important to always find a new perspective, through out our journey. To be on the path is the key."he continued hinting me to stay with the lesson- Learning mindset.

Showing me the incentive of learning mindset in a writer's life, Harry helped me to get back onto my learning path. Thanks Harry

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