Friday, June 21, 2024

Friends- Happy Birthday Aniruddha

Aniruddha called up and enquired if I'm free on 20th evening. "Yes" I responded. You are coming for a birthday dinner, he affirmed. I liked the way he invited me with affection and confidence to be part of his birthday gathering. While Grusha treated us with sumptuous food- dumplings, Lasagna, pizza, Tiramisu, ice cream. I sighed now and then enjoying every bit of food. I met Hushitha, Shilpa, Vrishalee, Alexis at the gathering. Sharing conversations on birthday, Ani shared his best birthday so far- a 10 day trip to Thailand without a phone. Shilpa recollected how simple it may seemed now but, the efforts her parents put to gift her an game set based on anime. Vrishalee shared how intentional birthday gathering with limited people was her favourite one. 

The Food Spread

Birthday boy spreading smiles

The Tiramisu Birthday Cake

Alexis, Hushitha shared their stories. While birthday boy played his favorite music- one song from one year, we recounted our birthday tales and were amused by the way we, Indians celebrate our birthdays. I was heart ful by the food, conversations and gathering. Happy birthday A. 

The heartful dessert

Grusha, Myself, Alexis, Vrishalee, Aniruddha, Hushitha, Shilpa

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