Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Geneva Journals- Evening hike

This time, I went for a hike with a little preparation by carrying a bottle of water and a lot of nuts-Pista. My favorite snack whenever I go low on energy. Walking over a familiar distance, I decided to take a new path and kept walking around. I got across few fields and horses. It was a 20+km hike. I'm happy to keep myself in good spirits by walking. Walking helps a lot when you're cluttered with a lot of not-so-positive thoughts. A walk in the woods is definitely a good stress buster. I often stopped a while, to stare at the trees and take it all in with long breathes. I'm grateful to live in the nature. While returning from the hike, I came across two tiny dogs as well- Milo, Zemo. A good day. 

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