Thursday, June 6, 2024

Friends- Lively Shawarma Day

Teal Blue proposed an outing for Shawarma. In no time, Yellow and I got ready and three of us headed out on a cloudy day. Talking of sleep and deadlines, we reached cornavin and went to Al-Amir. The cheerful person at Al-Amir offered us place and service. As the shawarma arrives, we focused on the main business- enjoying the shawarma while we talk of random stories. 

After a heavy meal, we closed it with Baklawa and headed to sweeten our day further with Gelato. As we headed to Fior-di-llate which is translated as Flower of Milk. We tried out different gelatos. 

Teal Blue comes up with interesting games to play without involvement of any gadget. 

The first game went like this- If you've to describe all of us in colour, what would you describe?

I mentioned both of them as Teal Blue, Yellow and gave my reasons.  

I was described as Rich Blue and Rich Grey with alot of tones. 'You've depth' I was described. Thank you dear teal blue and yellow for the description. 

The questions went on like this- If you've to describe us through Indian Cities

I saw Teal Blue as happening, chill Bengaluru, Yellow as exclusive, exquisite Banswara. 

Q- If you've to describe us through seasons

Teal Blue- Bangalore Winters. Cozy and Warm. Yellow- Uttarakhand March Winters. Cold and Sunny. 

I was described as rainy season. 

The questions flowed as we strolled across the lake with stories and few pauses, enjoying the weather and calm waters. 

We described ourselves through objects, feelings and a lot more. Interesting game Teal Blue!

As we continued our conversations, in no time, we got onto the bus at the bus stop and reached home. A good day. Thanks to the reel that tempted Teal Blue to initiate an outing for Shawarma. 

Inspired by the day and discussion with these two lively people, I jot down these lines- 

We're colours. We're seasons. 
We're flavours of fruits and feelings. 
We're cities. We're objects spreading our own liveliness. 

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