Friday, June 14, 2024

Geneva Journals- Dinner and Conversations

Over a dinner, I caught up with a friend who always introduces a new sweet whenever we meet. This time, she baked a sweet called - Leitaria Da Quinta Do Paco. Over sumptuous chicken and rice, we shared what's happening in our lives. I love people who talk with a learning mindset keen to share ideas and opinions on what they're passionate about. Talking of emerging technologies, we wondered what would the upcoming 5 years would be like. As the conversations continued over music, books and art, I had received a few book suggestion - The Covenant of the Water by Abraham Verghese and few other topics to learn more about AI. 

As I visited Van Gogh's museum, I got a lot of copies of his work, keen to share with people who are open to enjoy art and learn a bit about Van Gogh. I hosted a lot of friends and I couldn't find anyone being open to listening and sharing about art. As I found a good listener with growth mindset in her, I gifted her the painting which she liked to have. Talking of names and objects, I shared the names I love using the most- Amrutha and Karthick. As every object has a story, we shared what a few objects means to us and how they travel with us. 

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