Saturday, November 18, 2023

Thoughts- Poetry

Things I hear from others whenever I mention word, 'Poetry'

"I don't get poetry. For poetry, I think you need to have a calm mood and simple times."

"I need mountains, blue sky and then I can read some poetry."

Everyone have their way of liking something. Many atimes, people want to make sense out of poetry. We may not make a sense out of poetry, but, we can always use our five senses and sense it. Listen to a poem only as sounds. Close your eyes and let a reader read out a poem to you. See a poem and look how the shape of words flow. 

There are many ways to sense a poem rather than making sense out of it. 

It's difficult to find writer friends, poet friends. If you have them, keep them close. I'm grateful to have a few who always help me grow in life. 

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