Sunday, November 12, 2023

Geneva Journals- Swiss Chambers Music Concert

I went ahead with the pass I got to collect my ticket. Are you a music student? the lady at the reception, enquired. No, I answered. You may have to pay 10Fr, if you're general student. She replied. 10 CHF. That's worth of 3 litres of orange juice, 4 10*10 canvases. I gave it a thought and stayed silent. Please collect the ticket and enjoy the concert, she smiled and handed over the ticket. 

She was allowing me to enter freely. I felt immensely blessed by the kind gesture. I walked with a happy smile and took a front seat.

The Swiss Chambers concert has these instruments and was blown away by the performance. 

The audience enjoyed it hence, they clapped continuously for long time that the musicians who walked out of the stage returned twice to receive the appreciation. That was quite impressive. May be I seemed to be the only one who took the phone out to record few moments. The audience at the concert definitely know how to enjoy the performance unlike me. 

On an average, the age group of the audience was 50+. I began to notice organs at every place I visited. This place has an impressive organ. Would love to witness a performance on this. 

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