Friday, November 3, 2023

Movie- Monalisa Smile

 Over several lunches and dinners, I managed to finish watching this movie as I found this movie too overwhelming to watch it in one go. I got introduced to this movie by Jeet Bhai. In one of the educational courses, Jeet bhai uses this clip on the role of a teacher. What does teacher need to do? If teacher's job is to tell what's in the books then, what value a teacher is adding. 

The movie is exactly about this. How does Miss Katherine Watson makes her students think! Think about art, life, and everything that pushes themselves to be a better self. I cried at the end looking how a teacher can touch many lives and got reminded of teachers who taught me to think and shaped me the person I'm. 

To name a few teachers who impacted my life in one way or the other  Jyothi mam, George Prakash sir, Masood sir, Kiranmayi mam, Anil sir, Satyanarayana sir, Sunita mam, Bala sir, Sister Anitha, Ajith sir, Mani sir, Vijay sir, Ratnamala mam, Padmaja mam, Radha krishna sir, Devender, Prof PSP, Shivraj, Subhanand rao, Kiranmayi, D.N.Rao, Harry, Kiran Chakravarthula sir, Kanchana mam, Satvir, Bade Bhaiya, Dyu, Hitesh, Arddhendu, Sunil Bisht, Navneet Bedar, Krishna, Anagh, Shubha, Sameeksha,  

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